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How Businesses Can Take Graphic Design and Other Factors to the Next Level

First impressions matter and we only have one chance to make that. When it comes to business websites, potential customers judge companies based on their visual appeal. Design tells a story. While a poorly designed website keeps readers away, a good graphic design gives the company much credibility.


Investing in good graphic design

Small businesses likely cut the budget on design, but it can be a wrong move. No one would want to stay in a boring, outdated and dull looking website, no matter how good its products are. A good-looking website likely attracts readers to stay and find out more about the company and its offerings. It can build a strong online presence and lead to magnified sales.


Bringing your business to the next level

As people’s attention span has decreased, we limit text messages, compose precise emails and limit our tweets. No one would want to spend time over a content for long. Hence, keep your website creative, neat and comprehensive. Make it easily grab attention of the viewers with smart and brilliant design that drives them to your site and convert them to customers.

Be benefited with the services of amazing graphic designers who are aware that an excellently presented company plays a big role in how your product is to be taken by the world. Let them give your website that beautiful and exclusive look to increase your firm’s online visibility.


Other Contributing Factors

From a compelling and an appealing graphic design, you boost your business more with other stuff, one of which is a podcast. A podcast is a very good way to convey and consume information. Aside from business, there are lots of topics to choose from for a podcast – politics, sports or self-help.


A great example of web design in 2018 is for a company called Capture The Magic. They are a Disney podcast that covers news and rumors, plus other Disney related things and they also help people find the best Disney travel agencies to help them plan their vacations. Their site is really well done with clean lines and really features the information at the forefront of the site for their guests and listeners to get a lot out of.


They are a great example of the way to design a site, especially for a brand in 2018 and one that could be used in just about any niche out there today. People are seeking information and if you can provide them with the information that they want and then you will gain their trust and they will come to trust your brand which is a very valuable asset to have in this day and age.


The Importance of Web Design For Podcasters

Just like in any kind of business enterprise, having a website is crucial for its survival in today’s tough business competition. Because many people are almost always online, it would only make sense to make good use of what you have to showcase to the world what kind of business you have, what you are selling, and how much they cost. However, in the case of podcasters, it is kind of difficult to attract listeners just by having great content. Investing in web design really does help increase positive exposure.

Podcast topics are all about literally anything under the sun. There may be podcasts about Disney World vacations or it may be a product review of the best bag for Disney World. This shows how important it is to include some kind of design on the podcast so that listeners will get to know more about the podcast creators themselves. After all, more people will listen if they get to know the speaker better.

If you treat it just like any other business venture, of course, it would be smarter to have the website strategically designed to attract more visitors. By attracting more visitors, there will be an increase of potential customers that will help increase sales and profit. Any website really does rely on how much exposure it has on the internet and if the visitors are not even remotely attracted to the content, then grab their attention by having interesting and fun web designs.

Podcasters also rely on web design because of this reason. I listen to a lot of podcasts on just about anything that I am currently interested in at the moment. From podcasts about Disney World vacations to book reviews or a review of the best bag for Disney World, listening to podcasts help me want to go to these places or buy these products because I hear about them through another person’s perspective.

Moreover, I also do not have a lot of time to actually sit down and focus on reading blogs about them. It is much easier to listen to podcasts, especially when I am on the move and I don’t have time to read. Because I listen to a lot of podcasts on the move, sometimes I might not be paying attention to the layout of the actual website a podcast is from. However, I won’t be exposed to them in the first place if I didn’t visit the website in the beginning.

It really boils down to how many people will want to listen to the podcasts. With so many podcasts available to listen to out there, it’s hard to stand out. By letting listeners know a little bit about the podcasters through their web design, then listeners will be able to distinguish one podcast from the other. With that said, whether they are podcasts about Disney World vacations or a review of the best bag for Disney World or any other kind of podcast, podcasters heavily rely on web design.

How To Design Websites For High Ticket Items

It’s difficult enough to sell items online much more when it comes to high-priced items. Unless your client is selling a commodity with a high demand and a low price, the right website design is crucial. If you’re customer is selling a high-ticket item, website design poses an exciting challenge and lucky for you, there are loads of luxury website designs you can take your cue from. We studied those web designs and compiled a list of the top factors that convert leads into customers.


A website is an extension of a brand and an overall expression of the business and the industry. It is only natural that your client would want the best web design that would prompt a potential client to spend time and money on the website. If you’re designing a budget brand, there is little thought that needs to go into web design.


However, if you’re selling top Citizen watches, expensive jewelry and electronics like laptops, your web design needs to express the true value of what your client is selling. Content is essential in how you will market the brand but you have to align certain elements that will make the site look more luxurious and expensive. Below are some of the essential factors in creating a site for a luxurious brand.


  1. Simplicity- There is a resounding design we saw in websites that sell high-ticket items. They all have clean layouts, high-quality professional images, a minimalist design, beautiful typography and elegant color palettes.
  2. Colors- Color psychology influences a person’s perceptions. For instance, black is seen as a sleek, luxurious and manly color. It is often used to market high-ticket items. However, white space is also crucial to web design success when it comes to high-ticket items. An academic study that analyzed user reactions to car websites and watch websites noted key takeaways you can use for your web design and that includes using lots of white space and fewer colors, especially bright colors which tend to look cheap.
  3. Products on Display- Don’t make your website look like a jumbled category of products and prices. The lower the number of products on display, the more each product will take the spotlight, which can relay a sign of importance and high-value.
  4. Typography- The use of some text, example Comic Sans can cause users to disregard your content. Typography in web design is crucial as it can impact brand trustworthiness. One expert went as far as to say, “Web design is 95% typography.”
  5. Professional Images vs Stock Photos- A large, optimized image with a well-thought placing and relevance to the product or service can lead to more sales and conversions. The opposite is true with stock photos which are a threat to credibility. It can make your site look cheap in particular if you use photos that are overused, common and prevalent. Mass Impressions caution web designers against using stock photos and recommends the use of professional photographers who are “absolutely crying out for somewhere to showcase their work.”



Web design for an expensive luxury brand needs to connect with the target audience with a higher perceived value than the price they pay for it. For instance, the content of an Invicta watches review for 2018 will cause awareness that you get more than what you pay for. When working on your web design use fewer colors, more white space, less bright colors, display a limited number of products and be minimalistic with your design, completely clutter-free. Web design has the power to impact conversion rate. Of course, your design needs to match your objectives and be conversion optimized. Take what you’ve learned from us and incorporate these essentials into your luxurious web design. Good luck!