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Environment-Friendly Ways To Get Rid of Old Electronics

No matter how you take care of your gadgets, time will come that it will become an e-waste. If you’re an environment-friendly conscious person, you’ll feel guilty for throwing away a gadget because you know it contains toxic materials. But let’s face the truth, your old gadget must go to the bin — it’s time to let go. Below are some options that you have to get rid of your old tech.



You can also look for a recycler that is commonly offered by nonprofit organizations. You can also look at your local community for drop-off locations where you can put your cell phones and rechargeable batteries. You can also check for collection days for electronics in case you can’t find drop-off locations.


If you don’t know how to recycle your electronics, find recyclers near you as they use different facilities to ensure that the electronics are disposed of properly.


If you’re living in Missouri, you’re fortunate to have Springfield, Missouri based document shredding companies that you can hire to shred your documents and to dispose of your electronic media sources. You don’t need to think several ways on how to recycle your electronics. The company will do the job for you.


Donate Your Gadgets

If your gadget is still working, you can donate it to different organizations that accept it. Some of these organizations receive gadgets to support several good causes. The organizations require you to sell your used device and donate part of the proceeds to your choice of charity.


On the other hand, some organizations provide computers and peripherals to developing countries so it can eliminate the “digital divide” between the developed and developing countries.


Return To the Tech Firm

Did you know that many tech firms today have recycling programs allowing their customers to recycle the old gadgets? Some companies offer recycling options by accepting different electronic devices no matter where it was bought. On the other hand, some companies offer account credits for mobile phones from various carriers.


There are companies that provide gift cards for different electronic devices including music and video games CDs.


Trade It

You can trade your old gadget with another old gadget that you want to own. But if you prefer to earn money as you dispose of your old gadget, you can sell it for a cold cash. However, don’t expect that you can sell it right away.


Although it’s challenging to sell an old gadget, there are shops that buy it to refurbish it. Yes, they follow the same concept that the tech firms do – buy, refurbish and sell.



Buying gadgets is inevitable but you must be responsible for disposing of it. You can’t just dump it in on your trash bin because it can pose threats to the environment. The list above serves as your guide to ensure that you follow the proper disposal regulations imposed by the government.

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